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Broken But Beautifully Made

4 Steps to Finding Beauty in your Brokenness

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Best -Selling
 Clarice Cregger

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Clarice is a phenomenal woman who has overcome strife, pain, and mistreatment. She knows first-hand what it means to be broken, abandoned, and rejected. She will take you on a journey in this book as she shares with you her heart, her life story, and the lessons she learned through the darkest times of her life. As a certified life coach, she will walk you through the process: how to overcome pain, fear, guilt, and shame. She will show you how God healed her and made her whole again. 

Clarice Cregger (AKA “Coach Claire”) was born and raised in Olongapo City, Philippines. She currently resides in Albuquerque, NM with her husband, Richard Torres. Clarice is an Amazon best-selling author, publishing her first book in 2020 as a co-author of “Heart of God for Her: 45 Day Devotional – Revealing God’s Love for His Leading Ladies.” Clarice is a creative entrepreneur, specializing in life coaching and professional photography. As a certified life coach, she thankfully utilizes her craft of transformational coaching with a keen focus on breaking harmful patterns and overcoming guilt and shame. With a compelling backstory of her own, Clarice is very passionate about helping women find their voice, strength, and beauty while overcoming past hurts. With a backdrop of faith in God, Clarice helps women and anyone in need fulfill their God-given purpose in life


About the Book

This book is for anyone who has been hurt, rejected, broken, abandoned, and/or for anyone who has experienced depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and co-dependency. This book will assist anyone to overcome past hurts and find beauty in their brokenness. This book will show the true testament of how much God loves and cares for his children.


It will provide you step-by-step information on how someone can heal and live a purposeful life again -- despite past experiences. This book is a testament to how Clarice refused to be consumed by her hardships, and it will also provide you tools and tips that can help you overcome your own pain and suffering.


“This book wrestles with the open sores of the fearful spiritual darkness of grief and depression which ravage and wreck the lives of many and leave their lives miserable.

Claire will take you into a creative way of life- overcoming the pits of pain, starting to get whole again, and embracing the freedom from forgiveness to the world of answered prayer, dynamic faith, and true communion with God. Read this Book! It has excellent advice and fresh perspectives that will affirm, guide, direct and influence you to experience victory, joy, and satisfaction in your daily lives.” friends how great you are.

- Rev. Ricky B. Cadiong M.Div. D.Min, Senior Pastor, Jesus Christ the Living Rock Church Philippines,

Olongapo City, Philippines

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